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You think you know, but you have no idea. This is the diary of Jlo

get fucked

the beauty is dead
19 April 1985
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I've never seen so many stars
I've never known such perfection
I've never felt so at home
I want to open these veins
and breateh again because
the beauty is dead...
since february 79'
I've od'ed on "lonesome" 22 times
you'd think by now-you would've died
I'm sorry girls-I tried
if imperfectioins are illegal then
you should call the cops
and they should lock me up
you're stuck
a slave to the crying game
we'll die alone
picture me in brighter days
with smiles on my innocent face
I only wanted to be loved
I only wanted to be in love
You're such a slave to the crying game
we'll die alone
could you love a face
full of tears soaked in song?
I cant decide...
I don't know if it's worse to live or die
I am stuck on "never enough"
and the corner of "never again"
here is a hint- don't call someone
who just sits by the phone
leave them alone
I loved the first few days
but it's no fun playing a game
you always lose
I couldn't talk to save my life


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